Scarlet and gray graphic reads: "100% of Buckeyes Can Act. Learn more:" with footer that reads: "The Ohio State University. Buckeyes ACT."

Buckeyes ACT

  • The Ohio State University’s Buckeyes ACT initiative is comprehensive, community-wide approach to combat sexual misconduct through Action, Counseling and Support and Training.
  • Creating a safe and healthy campus climate for our students and for all members of the university community is our top priority. 100% of Buckeyes can act in this effort.
  • Buckeyes ACT serves as a reminder to our community to promote a campus culture free from sexual misconduct. Buckeyes can ACT to:
    • report sexual misconduct
    • support members and visitors of our community
    • intervene to prevent sexual misconduct
    • empower themselves and one another
  • The primary goals of the Buckeyes ACT campaign are to:
    • remind community members of what Buckeyes ACT is and reinforce the university’s commitment
    • educate community members on sexual misconduct and how to act
    • encourage community members to take action
    • foster a positive culture and climate around civility
  • There is always more to learn about helping those impacted understand their rights, options and resources. More information can be found at



#MeToo empowers women to speak out on harassment

October 18, 2017 – “You can’t deny it anymore,” said Jesse Fox, an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Ohio State University who studies technology and the intersection of sex and gender. “It’s just an overwhelming majority of people.”