Reporting to the university

 Reporting to Student Conduct

Student Conduct investigates complaints against OSU students and student groups. 

There are three ways to report to Student Conduct:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Call 614-292-0748 to schedule an appointment to report in person or via phone
  3. Submit a report through our online form
  • Student Conduct may investigate and adjudicate complaints which occur on-campus and off-campus. In addition, Student Conduct may handle complaints that occur at university activities or events, such as study-abroad and school-sponsored trips.
  • Remember that sexual violence is a crime. Consider reporting to OSU Police if the assault occurred on-campus, or to the local police department or agency if the assault occurred off-campus. You may also discuss those options with Student Conduct. However, there need not be a police report or complaint in order for Student Conduct to proceed with the university process.
  • Once you file a complaint, a hearing officer is responsible for notifying the student or group of the charge, conducting a timely investigation, and determining if there is a potential violation of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • When you make a complaint, you will be asked to write down what you saw, heard, or experienced. Witnesses may be requested to meet with the hearing officer to provide witness statements. Remember that the person named has a right to see what you write. 
  • Complainants may bring a support person with them to meetings with Student Conduct.
  • Filing a Complaint FAQ:

Reporting to Human Resources

Complaints against Ohio State faculty or staff members are investigated by The Ohio State University Department of Human Resources, 1590 N. High St., Suite 300, (614) 292-2800.

Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator

If you have concerns about any of the processes listed above or do not know where to go or with whom to speak, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator at or file a report online.  You may also contact any of the Deputy Title IX coordinators in Student Conduct, Human Resources, or Athletics.

University Anonymous Reporting Line*


 *This option does not fulfill the employee duty to report